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Resident Safety is Our First Priority

One of the first companies that come to mind with terms like “Transportation Network Company” (TNC) or “Ridesharing” is definitely Uber. Uber is a ridesharing service that allows on-demand transportation services from anyone who is a certified Uber driver in your area. While the company began as a kind of taxi service, Uber has expanded to include additional services like food delivery, business transportation, shipping and more.

Uber me home safe apartments - Smartland
Uber Me Home service for apartments
Smartland® has now partnered with Uber and we’re working together on a new and innovative service that we proudly call “Uber Me Home!” If you reside in any of our Smartland® Apartment complexes, you can now get a free Uber from wherever you are once a month from 9:00 pm – 4:00 am to take you to back to our apartments, courtesy of Smartland®! We want you to be safe. This feature is still in Beta, but it is functional! This is the next step for TNCs and living communities as a whole to provide a new level of service. Uber Me Home is an excellent service that is not only convenient but also safer. Impaired driving is still a major issue not only in Cleveland but all over the country. That’s why Smartland® has decided to take these unique steps to ensure our communities are that much safer.
Along with reducing the number of impaired drivers on our roads, this is also another incredibly convenient service for those who need to leave early from events after carpooling or arriving by another Uber. Smartland® promotes a greater quality of life and Uber Me Home is the next step to improve the lives of all our apartment communities.
Uber Me Home Apartments Community
Safe apartments with Uber Me Home in Cleveland

Smartland® is the first in the Cleveland area to offer such a service to apartment residents and we want to make sure it’s the best it can be. As a resident at a Smartland® Apartments, you can enjoy more, spend less and always know with confidence that you’ll be getting back home safely every time.

* This amenity is only available at select apartments

Resident Testimonial

Shari L.: “For me, having a landlord like this who just absolutely cares about their residents and getting them home at these hours of night… Thank you Smartland!”