Northeast Ohio is an active area with a vibrant culture and a diverse population. Whether you're a performer or a business professional, you'll fit right in. Explore the videos below and see what makes Northeast Ohio a great place to invest.

Cleveland or CLE

Cleveland, or CLE, is a great place to live, work and play. Headquartered in the Cleveland area, Progressive has a wide array of career options that you’ll love. Enjoy this digital short film to learn about the greater Cleveland area through the eyes of one of our employees who’s a Chicago transplant.

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Looking for a new way to invest your money? Why not consider property? Steven Gesis is the Executive Vice President of Smartland – a unique property investment company in NE Ohio. He explains how to invest and see returns!

A Contemporary Metropolis

Cleveland is truly a city unlike any other, it’s the place to be. What some call ‘going against the grain’ we call ‘dancing to our own beat’ and that's what makes us who we are.

This is the New Cleveland

With an influx of young professionals, culture, and urban development, we are seeing a whole new Cleveland - and it's just getting started.

A Little of Everything

Downtown Cleveland has something for everyone. From its growing network of young professionals, to its vibrant culinary scene, to its art and music, it has something for you.

Leave Your Mark

There are plenty of projects in the works to improve the public spaces of downtown Cleveland - and The Group Plan Commission wants your input.

Home to All Kinds

All demographics are represented in Cleveland - business professionals, pioneers, dog-lovers, artists - why not you?

Students Thrive

Cleveland has all of the essentials for the student lifestyle - affordability, great food, entertainment - and all within walking distance.

More Than You Expect

Projects are underway all over the city, from hotels to waterfront development, aiming to improve life for all who call Northeast Ohio home.

Reinventing Northeast Ohio

Development projects are poised to improve all aspects of life in the city of Cleveland. These projects range from the Cleveland Medical Mart to the Horseshoe Casino.

Cleveland is on a Roll

Cleveland is modernizing - and the changes will alter the face of the region. Look forward to it becoming a capitol of medicine, small business, performing art, and biotech.

A State-Wide Passion

Football is an Ohio institution and OSU is painting the region red. Ohio State University's Division I team has played in 43 bowl games.

Home to the Legends

f you like rock music, this is a must-see. The Rock&Roll Hall of Fame houses exhibits dating all the way back to the genre's conception in the early 1950's.

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