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Financial Preparedness Index (FPI)

A FPI helps you determine whether you are financially prepared for the future, an important element in forging an effective long-term retirement strategy. The index is based on your age and income as well as specific assumptions. These include expected investment return, desired retirement age, anticipated salary increases, anticipated inflation rates and existing life insurance.

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Pay off Debt or Invest

This tool enables you to fundamentally determine how to use your cash, figuring out the best course of action between reducing your overall liabilities or pouring cash into a specific investment. The tool uses rates and assumptions as varied as marginal tax bracket, taxability of interest, pre-tax return on investment, deductibility of interest, and interest rate on debt.

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Mortgage Calculator

With the mortgage calculator, you can easily determine how much you would need to pay every month. The tool is replete with information about mortgage-related costs, and breaks down mortgage loan information and property information. For mortgage loan information, you include things like mortgage loan amount, annual interest rate, number of months, and desired amortization schedule. For property information, you would indicate factors such as the sale price of the property, annual property taxes, annual hazard insurance, and monthly private mortgage insurance.

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Evaluate Taxation Impact on Investment Growth

This tool enables you to determine how taxation affects your investment—especially the best way to compare taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free investment growth. To better assess the impact of fiscal decisions on your investment, input savings and assumptions like current investment balance, marginal tax bracket, return on tax-free investment, pre-tax return on tax-deferred investment, number of years to invest, and annual contributions.

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Retirement Calculator

This calculator helps you find out how much you need to save for your retirement. Given that retirement planning requires preparations and financial insight, amongst other things, this tool helps you determine the best option for specific investment strategies. To learn more about your retirement prospects, input into the calculator information and assumptions as varied as your current age, current annual income, desired retirement age and expected inflation rate.

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Interest Calculator

With the interest calculator, you can see the effects of compound interest on your future value. Use the calculator to determine the future value of an asset by inputting elements like initial balance or deposit, annual savings amount, annual increase in contributions, number of years for the analysis, and pretax return on savings.

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Risk Tolerance Index

This index helps determine your attitude toward risk—in other words, evaluate whether you are risk aversive or a risk taker. The tool compiles information about you, usually through a questionnaire, and analyzes it to give your risk tolerance level.

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Lifetime Earnings Estimator

Use this tool if you want to know how much you will earn in your lifetime, a key indicator of your long-term financial prospects. To learn about your lifetime earnings potential, enter earnings and assumptions, such as your current age, retirement age, current annual income, and annual salary increases.

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Current Cash Flow Estimator

Use this tool to evaluate how much cash you can generate and use over a specific period. It draws on the same concept you find in business accounting, especially in a statement of cash flows that shows cash movements in operating, investing, and financing activities. To estimate your cash flows, enter your itemized income and expenses into the tool.

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Projected Cash Flow Estimator

This tool uses the same approach as the one used for current cash flows. The only difference here is that the calculations draw on cash flow projections, not actual monetary data.

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