Basement Finishing

Smartland® Residential Contractors is the foremost and premiere source for all your professional basement finishing and remodeling services. With over 10 years as the leading home renovation company in Cleveland, the key to our success is our crew of outstanding and highly trained craftspeople.

Our team of expert contractors guarantees that every job will be 100% professional to fully satisfy and delight every client. Our main focus is your project. We will take the time to listen and understand your goals and design requirements to suit all you needs. We will craft and complete your basement finishing project to fully satisfy your tastes and your budget.

We provide the full range of basement remodeling construction services from start to finish including: basement demolition, basement waterproofing, basement cement work, framing out of new partition walls, duct work, electrical, plumbing, paneling installation, taping and painting.

Will a Finished Basement Add Value to My Home?

One of the questions we often get is “will a finished basement add value to my home?” This question is often followed by “how much value will a finished basement add to my home?” An unfinished basement is mostly wasted space and under utilized. You can enhance and increase your overall living space and gain more room. Let your imagination soar and imagine all the possibilities you could choose to fully complete your ideal dream home. This is why we understand why so many owners want to renovate the vacant and often cluttered space under their homes.

Whether you want to add an extra bedroom, home office, theater or workout room, a finished basement gives you an incredible variety of potential options that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Unless, of course, you wanted to add an above-ground addition to the home, which would obviously be more costly.

Besides adding extra living space, you also get the added bonus that a finished basement could also increase the overall value of your home. A finished basement also makes your home easier to sell. Don’t think of basement renovation as an expense – see it as an investment!

What Type of Basement Ideas are There?

There are a wide range of options and possibilities you can consider when it comes to finishing your basement. Whether you want the space to be used for practical purposes or to entertain your friends, a family room, a playground for the kids, your basement can become the best room in your house.

Here are a few of our favorite and most popular basement finishing ideas:

  • Bar
  • Home Theater
  • Gym
  • Game Room
  • Playroom
  • Bedroom
  • Office
  • Kitchen

Basement remodeling will open up the all the entertainment possibilities that you always dreamed of creating.

How can I Best Utilize My Basement Space?

Basements come in an array of different types. Once you understand the style and size of your basement you can then decide on what basement finishing ideas you can incorporate into your new basement remodeling plan. Basements are broken down into these different types:

Full Basement

Full basements have the same square feet as the main floor above minus the foundation thickness. They are high enough you can stand up in them. Full basements are ideal for any of the basement finishing projects you saw above. This is providing your ceiling has sufficient height and the basement isn’t too damp.

Walk-Out Basement / Daylight Basement

A walk-out basement is found in homes that are built on sloping ground. They are referred to as a walk-out basement or a daylight basement. A portion of the floor will be above ground. They generally have a doorway that leads outside. The area of the basement that is below the ground is the actual basement. These basements are generally well ventilated to help prevent mold and dampness. Some finished basement ideas you can consider for your daylight basement is to include a living space, a garage or for maintenance purposes. Remodeling ideas for the buried portion could include using the area for storage, a laundry room, hot water tanks or HVAC.

Look-Out Basement

A look-out basement is where the basement walls are built above the ground level. Many of these basements come with windows that also above the ground level. They are built on a very gentle slope and are such that making a walk-out basement is simply not feasible. Another feature of these types of basements is that they are very affordable to build.

Walk-Up Basement

Includes any basement which comes with an exterior stairwell entrance that allows you to enter from the outside. As the collection of rainwater can be an issue on the exterior stairwell, they are often built by using either a bulkhead or even a basement door entrance fixture.

How Much will it Cost to Finish My Basement?

The cost to finish basement remodeling projects will vary and depends on what you want to include. Our rates are more than reasonable and very affordable. Most basement finishing projects will generally cost from around $35-40 per square foot. If you are looking to add custom features, the price could increase to around $50 per square foot.

Contact the Smartland® team today! We’ll be able to assess your project and provide you with a free home consultation to help you create your project. We will send an estimator to your home. The estimator will then take some pictures and measurements and develop a quote for you based on your needs. Let the dream begin!

Why Choose Smartland®?

We are Northeast Ohio’s premier basement remodeler with over a decade of highly qualified experience. Basement remodeling is our specialty! We’ve seen it all when it comes to basement finishing. We will guide you at every step in bringing your basement remodeling ideas to life. Our promise and our commitment is to give you the basement of your dreams.

Our only goal is to always provide the highest quality basement remodeling finishing service for every client. You can always expect all our services at a fair price along with our complete guarantee of exceptional customer service and satisfaction.