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Our story begins in 2007 when Vadim Kleyner, our CEO and founder, was a busy IT professional. He often heard about friend’s successes in real estate, became interested, but never bought, as it looked like it was a full time job. He then saw the true opportunity. He finally bought a house in 2008 and made a profit. Turns out, what was supposed to be the worst time to buy, turned into the best, time to buy… for Smartland®. He put his IT skills to use and was able to buy 100 additional homes over the next 6 months.

Vadim Klyener, CEO, Smartland

Quote  We have come a long way. Our goals are to create value for our properties, for our investors, and for ourselves. Today we are proud to offer you successful TRUE turnkey investment options that are simple to access, well-managed, aligned with owner-partners and transparent. Thank you for reading our Smartland® story and we look forward to moving onward and upward together! Vadim Kleyner  CEO, Smartland.

That’s how Smartland® started, with the understanding of building a company that provides a TRUE turnkey investment experience for busy professionals. No one else in the marketplace offered this then, so we invented and captured new demand and great investor partners over the years.

Today, we not only work for our investors but we also invest in every project! Our 4 main partners invest their personal funds in every project. This means that by the time we are ready to do a deal, we are so confident in all aspects, that we put our own family funds at stake.

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Having everything under one roof differentiates us and ensures great collaboration on our team. Proud to say that Smartland® has Investor relations, property management, marketing, architecture design and construction all under one roof. Our meetings always involve several departments for complete understanding and clear communications.

So we are constantly receiving input from everyone to make the most cohesive decisions possible. We also get economies of scale and maintenance efficiencies, using the same paints faucets, paint colors, carpets and other unit fixtures. We are buying hundreds and thousands of units and achieving great cost savings in the process.

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Finally, we believe in unprecedented transparency to our investors. We provide detailed proformas to prospective investors and then post-investment, we follow up with monthly video updates, P&L statements and balance sheets. This way, every investor can measure progress against the pro-forma. Also, we invest a lot in technology and our team in the field constantly take pictures, time lapse and drone shots for social media regularly. You will always have the sense that you are a part of the project and know what’s going on from day to day.

About Us

Disciplined approach. Superior returns.

Founded in 2013 in Cleveland, OH, we are currently headquartered in Miami, FL. We’ve grown substantially to include a number of affiliates that provide a variety of services to the real estate industry and investors. These services include construction, property management, brokerage, marketing, architectural design, and investment management services, all of which now are provided to the multi-family residential space.

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