Smartland | Ep 8 Get To Know Equity Trust, Special Guest John Bowens

Smartland | Ep 8 Get To Know Equity Trust, Special Guest John Bowens
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Join our COO, Steven Gesis, as he sits down with the incredibly special guest, John Bowens, Director and Head of Education and Investor Success at Equity Trust Company, for an insightful discussion about self-directed IRAs and their potential in real estate investing. John’s expertise and experience make him a standout figure in the industry, and we are thrilled to have him on our podcast.

Join host Steven Gesis as he chats with John about:

  • Understanding the difference between a Self-Directed IRA and a traditional retirement account
  • Why investors consider using a self-directed IRA
  • Real-life examples of how a self-directed IRA can be used
  • Exploring what you can do within real estate with a Self-Directed IRA

About John Bowens:

John Bowens is a highly respected educator in the self-directed IRA industry. With 20 years of real estate experience, he has trained 70,000 investors through over 400 workshops, promoting the benefits of tax-free wealth building. John has directed teams in managing alternative assets like real estate, notes, private equity, and precious metals. He co-authored “Self-Directed IRAs: Building Retirement Wealth Through Alternative Investing” and has appeared on national finance shows, including the Rich Dad Radio Show. John holds a Finance degree from Ohio University and a CISP designation from the American Bankers Association.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the concept of self-directed IRAs, this episode is packed with valuable information.

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