Ecosystem building strategy

Ecosystem building strategy
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Our strategy and our multifamily business is buying up properties that have been long negated and require a heavy-lift… things that require a heavy, heavy modernization.

And what I mean by that is that they’re missing the latest and greatest technology such as USB outlets or Bluetooth speakers digital locks, they require kitchens, new bathrooms, not just simple bathrooms that have a vinyl surround, but modernizing it to include new tile surrounds new modern LVT flooring, and in most cases they also have very outdated and rudimentary kind of common area… Lacking amenities…

We want to garner something that really requires our true time and attention, something that we can feel proud of, where we can put our stamp on it.

Our good housekeeping stamp of approval and deliver a quality product, and change the lives of, not only the residents within the community, and deliver unsurpassed results to our investor-partners. That’s what makes our ecosystem work.

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