Focus on value for tenants and investors

Focus on value for tenants and investors
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Essentially, we create value and we get paid for creating this value, whatever value is. To some value is in dog parks, to some value is in electric vehicles, to some value is in new kitchens, for some value is in new bathrooms.

But at the end of the day, we create value and that’s what we get paid for. What are our 5 year and 10 year goals? They’re just like our 1 year goals and the 2 years goals. Just keep on buying multifamily real estate, increasing value, bringing apartment units from 20th century to 21st century, and just building ginormous portfolio.

We are tenant-oriented business however, we understand that investors are our partner so we are very much oriented towards investor however, the success of investors in our eyes will come from happy long-term tenant.

So we consider ourselves or we call ourselves a “Hilton” of apartments and we are talking to tenants as such and we position ourselves as such as we’re trying to be Hilton in our apartment buildings and tenants is our number one priority to keep them happy.

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