The history of Smartland

The history of Smartland
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Smartland began with one single property and expanded that portfolio into a large scattered-site, single-family, residential business that included both property management and acquisitions, construction, oversight of not only our portfolio, small portfolio of homes, but other investors portfolios.

And so, as that has grown, and we saw that there were a lot of inefficiencies within that process, we exited that primary business in 2015 and then started Smartland all over again, with one uniform vision.

One – investor first, residents first, and ultimately doing the right thing by mitigating a lot of risks that we were able to develop and understand through our former business is just being primarily a property manager.

And so, as Smartland evolved from just a scattered-site residential property owner-operator, we’ve also developed our multifamily component as well over the years. And that has been a real, real amazing addition to our vertically integrated business.

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