Being the best is a standard

Being the best is a standard
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I really like how forward-thinking we are at Smartland. We’re always thinking about what we can do to be the best and attract the best type of tenants.

Being the best is a standard. And I think it’s really admirable to be in a culture that wants to be the best in class. Doing the best for our tenants also attracts the best clientele. And that mitigates risk for our investors because the top five percent of tenants do less damage than just any random screening of tenants and just taking whoever.

So, I think trying to deliver a product that attracts that is one thing I’m very proud about. Another thing in Smartland that we do is we have a very tech-centered approach because of the background of our partners. And that also brings an element of being very forward-thinking, bringing like twenty-second-century technology to today’s world in these very outdated assets.

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