What’s corporate culture like at Smartland?

What’s corporate culture like at Smartland?
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So, our corporate culture, at its core, is thinking about being very entrepreneurial and pushing the envelope forward.

So, what are we doing next to be better? How are we staying on top of things? That’s one of the things we do at Smartland, one of the unique parts of our corporate culture is as flexible where people can come to us with ideas and we test and try things out. Because we know if we’re doing things that are different, that is how we separate ourselves from the pack.

That is at the core of Smartland’s, culture. And we’ll continue to push the limits on what we do. When Vadim says “relentless”, he means that we are relentless and taking a problem and figuring out how we’re going to solve that in the most efficient or effective way.

So, we’re relentlessly pushing the limit in terms of how can we bring costs down in a renovation process. We’re relentless in how we can achieve higher rents. We’re relentless in how we can improve our tenant scores and reviews. So it’s this whole relentless approach to how we improve.

How can we better, how can we be the best product? Because, as Vadim says, “if you deliver the best product, you are going to have a better community and asset.”

And we continually look at these assets that we’re going to own them for life. And so we want to deliver experiences that generates that.

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