What are Smartland’s unique selling points

What are Smartland’s unique selling points
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Smartland’s unique selling point, it is a tech-centered approach. So, whether it’s smart technology or a smart unit, we’re really trying to enhance that attendance experience.

How can they control most of the things in their unit by their phone, whether smart lighting, smart lock, USB outlets, any technology that can enhance a tenants experience…

To us, one, it mitigates the turnover costs, whether it’s re-keying and re-locking a unit or whether it comes to getting some of our leasing agents into units. Now they can just enter a code and give tours. In addition, from a risk mitigation standpoint, putting in smart technology attracts the best tenants.

Most of the time, smart technologies only in class A or in new development. We are bringing that to the class B and class C multifamily and single-family communities.

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