Our long-term investment strategy

Our long-term investment strategy
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Our investment strategy is value-add to class B, C and D units in B and C areas. Most of the apartments in the Class C, let’s say Class C areas – Class C apartments were built in the 1950s and they still look like 1950s built apartments.

We buy them, we renovated units, gut renovation, brand new kitchens, brand new bathrooms, floors, outlets, units look like Class A units. And we’re adding amenities to him. We’re adding smart units. We’re adding dog parks. And there’s a list of amenities that we add. And this is how we’re bringing value and this is what we built in the suburbs.

Our end product usually can only be found in downtown areas. In downtown we see new construction or completely renovated units that, they are being sold for$2.80 per square foot. We’re able to do the same in suburbs for $1.40 a square foot.

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