How we started real estate investing

How we started real estate investing
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First house I bought. It was on Eddy road. It was 975 Eddy road. It was in Cleveland and we bought the house. I had a realtor- I knew a new realtor. One of my friends was a realtor. She helped me to buy that house.

And this house, actually, it was in pretty good condition. It didn’t take a lot to renovate. And we were able to place tenant there, within a couple of weeks and that was the first house that we sold to an investor. It wasn’t sold to an investor.

So the girl called me from Maryland and she goes, “Can I buy this house?” I’m like, Yeah. So the house was fifteen thousand dollars and she said, I have cash. I’ll give you cash. And I said okay and so she came in here and she gave us cash and she was crying. She said, I always wanted to buy a house and I have never in my life, I thought I would have an opportunity to own real estate. And she moved from Maryland to Cleveland, paid cash and that’s it. This became her house.

I saw her after- once I stopped by the house. I asked her- she was happy as ever. So it wasn’t investor that bought the first house, actually. And she moved from Maryland!

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