How I started with smartland – Sumit Kovoor

How I started with smartland – Sumit Kovoor
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Yes, so I graduated from Miami University’s renowned accounting program and went to work for one of the big four in New York City. Ernst & Young’s Financial Services Practice.

I came back to work for a wealthy families private investment firm that focused primarily on commercial real estate, where I got exposed to a lot of different asset classes, whether it was hospitality, retail, multifamily office.

And I really loved every aspect of the business, whether it was being involved in the investment side, the operations, anything related to turning around a property, any acquisition that we looked at from a day one process of of where we could turn around a distressed asset.

What brought me to Smartland was the opportunity to bring in those elements of hospitality, where a lot of my career had focused in, to the multifamily segment. And being proud of what that tenant or guest experience is is something that I worked diligently at every day.

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