Forward-thinking amenities create revenue opportunities

Forward-thinking amenities create revenue opportunities
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If you know about the concept of like a smart home, we tried to create smart units, whether it was smart technology, like smart locks, Alexa, Bluetooth, and USB outlets, and anything that allows someone to control their unit by their phone.

So, think about that and then think about the core amenities within a place, whether it’s like innovative internet, dog parks, community amenities that really drive excellence.

One of the things that we always differentiate ourselves and be very forward thinking is EV cars or electric cars have become a big trend. But we put EV charging stations in every single one of our apartment communities because we know that that’s going to draw a different type of consumer or tenant and is very forward-thinking.

And we’ve realized that there’s a way to drive revenue from that opportunity as well.

So we’re always constantly thinking about where are the revenue opportunities and ways to attract the best clientele. And that in itself brings a different element to our communities.

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