First steps in real estate investing

First steps in real estate investing
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What sparked my interest is, I came from IT world into real estate world, which had Zero IT attached to it. I even had questions like, do you have an email? And I lived in a world where email was existed for 20 years.

So as soon as I realized that I understood there’s an opportunity for somebody with IT Experience to make some sort of tunnel or some sort of change in that business.

So the first thing I did is, I created a website and on the website we started advertising our inventory to people outside of Cleveland, which, it was unheard of before, to advertise real estate outside of your immediate MLS area, which which was weird for me.

And we started advertising in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, outside of United States. And this is where most of the investors came initially. In 2008, 2009, We had a lot of investors from Australia, Israel, Singapore. This is how we start.

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