What makes Smartland better?

What makes Smartland better?
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What makes us better at Smartland is our approach. Most often times you’ll see investment firms that aren’t vertically integrated. Us having most of the components of what we do in-house allows us to have a more seamless experience in terms of the day that we acquire property to really efficiently improving the value.

One of the other things that I think differentiates us are those two components: technology and that we go after very heavy lifts. So many people are far away from the heavy-lift or really intensive projects, we go after capital intensive, because one: we know that other people are faring away and we can get a better deal, two: we know that if we’re able to improve the product to what we want in terms of new kitchens, new units, new technology that we’re having, a fresh product and a better tenant experience.

We’re getting higher rents and a better overall longer stay. So. that’s something that differentiates us.

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