Habits that make you successful

Habits that make you successful
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One of the daily habits that I started incorporating after I became a big fan of Warren Buffett, which is one of the best investors in the world and best allocators, was reading. Buffett is known for reading about 80 percent of his day.

And so I’m constantly thinking – why is he reading? It’s because there’s such amount of education and details out there that we can learn from and help us know the path forward.

So, by reading a lot, I’m able to sharpen kind of the tools that what we’re doing here at Smartland and what our strategy is. So, constantly reading, learning from others failures and being able to move forward has been one of the constant habits I do.

On a personal basis, you know, I love working out, I’ve really tried to incorporate meditating a little bit more and then overall just being able to enjoy some personal time with friends and family as some of the ways that I kind of recharge.

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