Smartland’s secret to success in real estate

Smartland’s secret to success in real estate
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The secret to success in commercial real estate is kind of multiple factors. One is at the acquisition standpoint, buying an asset at an attractive price. If you overpay for something, you’re going to be set up for a more difficult road ahead.

Another factor is looking at where you can take an asset when you’re acquiring it. Those are really the two fundamental aspects that we really focus on, because if we can operationally turn around an asset, we know that we’re going to increase the overall value of it.

So, being very forward, thinking about what in many ways we’re putting in, that are going to drive the value of a property are things that we look at. That’s the secret to success. Looking at how you improve your property, how you stabilize it and how you exit it are many factors that we consider when we’re looking at, you know, what, quote, the secrets to success are.

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