How I started with Smartland – Steven Gesis

How I started with Smartland – Steven Gesis
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So, my background… Came to the United States at the age of five, with my parents. Immigrated from Odessa, Ukraine. Went to public school here in the Northeast Ohio.

After that, went on to go to college at the Ohio State University, where I got my undergraduate degree – Bachelors in science. I thought I was going to be a dentist, ended up in real estate ultimately many, many years ago, over a decade ago. Definitely super happy and excited love and passionate about what I do today.

But a little bit more about me is I ended up in real estate by virtue of being in a dead-end nine-to-five job reached out to my partner today who is CEO today: Vadim Kleyner. Knew him from his IT years from when I was a teenager. And so, we kind of began a conversation while I was at my nine-to-five, working on my Master’s Degree…

Lo and behold I ended up doing a little bit of construction, getting garnering construction contracts.

And as things steamrolled, it was no longer moonlighting, but became a full-time role here at Smartland.

And then we built out a division around it. And after that got married, had three beautiful kids, a lovely bride, and that’s kind of about me.

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