What is your typical day at Smartland

What is your typical day at Smartland
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Get in in the morning and we kind of do a team huddle from about 8 to 10a.. So, we’ll talk through what our short term tasks are, what our long term tasks are, and who’s responsible for it and can ideating through what we need to do, whether on the investment side, on the actual marketing and communicating to our partners and then through what we need to do in terms of stabilizing our growth.

From there, I’ll leave the meeting and tackle some of our short term tasks. And throughout the day I’ll have calls with whether individual investors or potential institutional capital partners that we have.

Later in the afternoon I’ll circle up with our CEO Vadim and we’ll talk through some of the meetings I’ve had throughout the day. And then we’ll go through some of the deep work that we’re working on.

So, some of the bigger long term projects or what I work on in the afternoon and then usually about two to three times during the week, I’ll either be in an event or lunch or dinner with potential partners or existing partners and then on the weekends will either be speaking or attending events.

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