Smartland’s risk mitigation approach

Smartland’s risk mitigation approach
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Risk mitigation is one of the things that we talk about a lot. And some things that, you know, we really try to strive and work on all the time. It’s ever-evolving. Markets change, markets shift, people’s interests change, dynamics shift within economies, socio-political shifts occur.

And all of that has some sort of underlying or residual effect on our business. Working at all of those facets and always being cognizant that they exist and can exist, was what makes my job unique. And that allows us to, not necessarily worry about anything, but worry about how we mitigate risk on ever-impending issues that can arise.

And so, as we work, whether it’s on an acquisition strategy, or construction, or marketing efforts, we’re always thinking globally and we’re thinking about how do we take the worry out of the process, right? Are we going to be prepared for a market downturn? And when are we going to be prepared for that? And if it comes about, how will we and what systems will we implement to mitigate those risks?

And so, I think that worrying is not necessarily worrying about positive or negative effects, it’s worrying if you’ve thought and developed your risk mitigation process.

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