Technology-centered approach

Technology-centered approach
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I love working at Smartland because of how forward thinking we are. So, we’re constantly thinking about how we can improve our communities, the investment approach, and the experience that our investors are having.

So, one of the things, the background that our partners have is a tech and a technology-centered approach. And taking tech as a core element of what we bring to the apartment communities really differentiates us from our competition.

Not many people are putting smart technology in their asset classes. So, usually you’re only finding that in downtowns. We’re doing that in suburbs at a much lower cost.

And one of the things that benefits us is we’re able to attract the top tenants that aren’t getting those amenities.

So it’s constantly pushing kind of the limit on what we’re doing within our communities. And being forward thinking is something that I love about Smartland.

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