The implementation of the Ford model

The implementation of the Ford model
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So, one of the most important things that we believe in here is the implementation of the Ford Model – making all of our systems uniform.

That begins, not only with our internal administrative processes, but most importantly, with our construction process, which ends up delivering results to our investor-partners. And let me dive a little bit further on that.

So, making things uniform, whether it be the paint color, the watersense fixtures, the flooring, not only is it presentable from a marketing perspective, but from serviceability or mitigating costs, increasing and driving better results to our partners because our turnover costs are reduced with new resilient flooring.

Our turnover costs are reduced by having the same paint where our team can go in and quickly turn a unit. They know exactly what’s going in there.

And from serviceability, we’re able to deliver remarkable service for our residents because our on-the-ground technicians already have and know the stable of products that are within every single unit or property that we service and manage.

And so, that gets back to that heavy-lift and implementation of the Ford Model. So basically putting it on a conveyor belt and installing all uniform parts and all of our segments.

And so, from serviceability and administrative hurdles, we are reducing our overall costs, reducing risks, and delivering quicker better, more efficient results to not only our community residents but also, most importantly, our investor-partners.

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